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You can view my entire family tree with additional information online at: Located on the Ancestry World Tree. If you believe we have a connection I can also send you a GEDCOM file via email.

Descendants of Thomas Kennedy:

You can view my entire family tree with additional information online at: Located on the Ancestry World Tree. If you believe we have a connection I can also send you a GEDCOM file via email.
1 Thomas J Kennedy (b 1844 in Ireland- d1922)
 |_Adelaide Chamberlain 
   2 Thomas James Kennedy (Owned Kennedy Insurance in Ironton, OH)
    |_Emma Mittendorf
      3 Adelaide Kennedy
       |_Martin Cloran
         4 Martin Cloran
          |_Mary Frisby
            5 Mary Adelaide Cloran
            5 Martin T Cloran 
      3 Lowell Glenn Kennedy (1902-1929)
       |_Clare Mary Louise Neekamp (1900-1987)
         4 Thomas Lowell Kennedy Sr (1926-1983)
          |_Gwendolyn Rose Smith (1928-1996)
            5 Thomas Lowell Kennedy Jr (details withheld living indiv.)
            5 Karen Ann Kennedy (details withheld living indiv.)
             |_Frank Flemming Dixon (details withheld living indiv.)
               6 Samantha Michelle Dixon (details withheld living indiv.)
               6 Allyson Renee Dixon (details withheld living indiv.)
            5 Linda Louise Kennedy(details withheld living indiv.)
             |_Stephen Douglas Wildes, Jr.(details withheld living indiv.)
               6 Megan Rose Wildes (details withheld living indiv.)
               6 Stephen Riley Wildes (details withheld living indiv.)
   2 William A Kennedy
     3 Dick Kennedy
   2 Edward Kennedy
     3 Howard Kennedy
      |_Mary Neaim
        4 Susan Kennedy
   2 James Kennedy
   2 John Kennedy
   2 Joseph Kennedy


You can view my entire family tree with additional information online at: Located on the Ancestry World Tree. If you believe we have a connection I can also send you a GEDCOM file via email.

                                                                        Thomas J Kennedy
                                                                       | B: June 1844 In IR
                                                                       | D: April 22, 1922
                                                                       |    In Ironton, OH
                                           Thomas James Kennedy________|
                                          | M: about 1898              |
                                          |                            |
                                          |                            |
                                          |                            | Adelaide Chamberlain
                                          |                              B 
                                          |                                in Cohoes NY
                         Lowell Glenn Kennedy
                        | B 
                        |  in Ironton, OH
                        | Died: Dec 11, 1929
                        |  in Ironton, OH
                        |                 |
            Thomas Lowell Kennedy Sr.     |                             Adam Henry Mittendorf
           | Born: Jan 2, 1926            |                            | B: Oct 1854
           |  in Lawrence County, OH      |                            |   in GE
           | Died: Sept 13, 1983          |                            | M: March 11, 1875
           |  in Tennessee                 Emma Mittendorf_____________| D: ? 
           |            |                                              |
           |            |                                              |
           |            |                                              |
           |            |                                              | Henrietta Duis 
           |            |                                                B April 16, 1857
           |            |                                                D Jan 3, 1930
           |            |                        
           |            |                                               
           |            |                                               Frank Neekamp
           |            |                                              | B: June 1848
           |            |                                              | M: July 20, 1873
           |            |                                              |
           |            |                  Theodore J Neekamp__________| 
           |            |                 | Born June 1878             |
           |            |                 |                            |
           |            |                 |                            | 
           |            |                 |                            |Emma Eck
           |              Clare Louise Neekamp                          B Oct 1850
Linda Louise Kennedy        Born: June 26, 1900                         D
 m Stephen Douglas Wildes   Died: April 18, 1987                        
           |                in Ironton, OH
           |                              | 
           |                              |                             Clark James
           |                              |                            |
           |                              |                            |
           |                              |                            |
           |                               Bertha Genevive James_______|
           |                                Born March 1877            |
           |                                                           |
           |                                                           | 
           |                                                           | Mary Ann McCann
           |                                                            William H. Smith
           |                                                           |
           |                               Lewis Harper Smith__________| 
           |                              |                            |
           |                              |                            |
           |                              |                             Mattie Snyder 
           |                              |
           |                              |
           |             Cecil Raymond Smith
           |            | Born: Aug 4, 1904
           |            | Died: Oct 29, 1982
           |            |  in Covington, VA
           |            |                 |                             William Abraham Rhodes
           |            |                 |                            | 
           |            |                 |                            | 
           |            |                 |                            |
           |            |                  Alice Hester Rhodes_________| 
            Gwendolyn Rose Smith                                       |
             Born: Aug 15, 1928                                        |
               in Bath County, VA                                      | Harriet Mary McMullen
             Died: March 19, 1996
               in Tennessee
                        |                                               John James Edenton 
                        |                                              |
                        |                                              |
                        |                  John Thomas Edenton_________|
                        |                 |  Born: March 17, 1977      |
                        |                 |   in Spottsylvania, VA     | 
                        |                 |  Died: Dec 1965             Betty George Payne
                        |                 |
                        |                 |
                         Carrie Mabel Edenton
                          Born: April 19, 1908
                            in VA
                          Died: Jan, 2001
                            in Covington, VA
                                          |                             John Willie Green
                                          |                            |
                                          |                            |
                                          |                            |
                                           Elizabeth Rose Green________|   
                                                                        Georgiana Echard

Thomas James "T.J." Kennedy son of Thomas J. Kennedy and Adelaide Chaimberlain. Born ? Married to Emma Mittendorf (Daughter of Adam Henry Mittendorf and Henrietta Duis). In addition to the Insurance Buisness, TJ owned some Orange Groves in FL. His wife Emma died from complications of asthma while in Florida with TJ. He remarried a woman named Mary (last name unknown). TJ and Emma had 2 children Adelaide and Lowell. "TJ" Died in Ironton OH (date unknown).

House of Chamberlain

This is a manuscript that was sent to my father from Dick Kennedy with a cover letter dated May 26, 1961. It is a copy of something my Grand Aunt Adelaide had. The words are of Anna Boisvert Marsh. However, there is a notation at the end written by Helen Gerster Dickey. (I have put this item in italics at the end). The manuscript I received is all in the same handwriting. I am not sure who handwrote this copy- Adelaide Kennedy, Helen Dickey, Dick Kennedy or someone else. I have tried to copy it exactly, as best I could from the hand written copy.

By Anna Boisvert Marsh

My mother, her sisters and brothers were all born at Cohoes, New York children of Joseph Chamberlain (Sometimes spelled Chamberland in Canada) and Lucy Jane Jones, born in Drummondville Grantham, Province of Quebec. Lucy was of English parentage and as far as I know Joseph Chamberland was a French Canadian, later and American naturalized citizen.

Della Chamberlain had the family tree about the Jone's and my mother giving a copy of dates of birth of each one as it was written in their family Bible that he said was in front of him at the time of writing.

My grandfather (Joseph Chamberland) drove a stage coach from New York to the Canadian border before the Civil War. Later he went into the wholesale fruit bsiness at Cohoes, NY. He died at 41 and was buried in Cohoes. They (Joseph and Lucy Jane) had several children- Harry, Josephine, Fannie, Emmaline, Adelaide, Lucy Jane. Lucy Jane was my mother. Harry married Harriet Von Housen (dutch) and had two daughters, Henrietta and Della. They lived in Jamestown, NY most of their married life. Harry was in the Civil War.

Josephine married Lester Abel of Hoosic Falls, NY of that union two daughters reached adulthood, Adelaide and Lizzie Howe. Adelaide had five daughters only three Adelaide, Helen, and Amy living to maturity.

Lizzie Howe Able married Arthur A. Merrit of Worcester, Mass. and had one daughter Frederica, who died in infancy, and two sons- Ralph Nichols Stratton Merritt and Harry Chamberlain Merritt, all born at Cohoes, New York.

Fannie died when a child.

Emmaline married Wm. James McOmber of Danbury, Conn. and lived there until she died. No children.

Adelaide Chamberlain (your mother h.d.) and Lucy Jane Chamberlain were kidnapped during the Civil War. Their mother (also Lucy Jane and Joseph's wife) passed away at the age of 35 and grandfather (Joseph) married a Miss Labonte' three years later. He had asthma and caught cold on their wedding day and died within three weeks. Mrs. Labonte' Chamberlain repacked her trunks and returned to her former home leaving the children. Harry was seventeen years old and with the armed forces. Josephine was fourteen and my mother was three years old.

Grandfather's brother, Magloire Charles chamberlain and wife (Catherine Delisle) a French woman who did not like my English grandmother, were neighbors in Cohoes. They took as much of Grandfathers furniture as two large wagons could hold. He drove one and Catherine the other and kidnapped Emmeline, Adelaide and Lucy Jane.

Josephine was standing in the street crying. Elizabeth Howe, novelist and writer, heard of it and took Josephine into her home and started looking for my aunts and mother. They found Emmeline in an Irish orphanage almost out of her mind being so frightened at teh way the nuns were dressed having never seen nuns before. She cried all the time she was there. Adelaide and mother (Lucy Jane) were never heard from until after I was born. It was not an easy task in those days- no phone, no FBI.

Adelaide was left at an orphanage in Burlington, Vermont. Magloire was a deserter and his destination was the Canadian border. He was a naturalized citizen and did not want to fight. He took Lucy Jane with him to River David, now called St. David in Eastern Township, Prov. of Quebec where she lived until she was fourteen. She lived two years in St. Germaine with a cousin of her father, a middle aged couple that was very kind to her for the first time in her life. THen at sixteen she met and married Peter Boisvert (In English- Greenwood) a 21 year old farmer. Father felt so sorry when the Greenwoods would have a family reunion during the holiday season and mother had no one of her own. Then one night mother (Lucy Jane) had a dream that she was visiting Aunt Josie in Cohoes. She awakened father and asked him to write that address (Cohoes) down so that he would not forget it. He wrote as soon as he finished his chores, went to the villiage and mailed it. This time his letter was delivered to Aunt Josie. When she read the letter she fainted. By that time Josie (Josephine Abel) was married and Lizzie was a young girl. The story of Magloires kidnapping was told to my father who started tracing Adelaide. He found Magloire and heard from him that he had left her at the Burlington, VT orphanage. Father wrote there and they gave him the name of Mr. Zallen (Or Zaller- manuscript hard to read ) in Kentucky saying that Mr. Zallen and his wife had taken Adelaide to their home. Father wrote to Mr. Zallen. The answer was that Adelaide had lived with them and was now married to James Kennedy living in Ohio- that Mr. Kennedy had called on them once in a while and that they would keep fathers letter and give it to him the next time he called as they did not have his address.

It took several months. Adelaide, then living in Ironton, OH wrote she had always prayed that someday she would meet her people (she did not get her wish) She was then the mother of six boys. Edward is the only one I have met. He spent a week in my home in 1919. He found such a resemblance in two of my brothers to two of his brothers. Aunt Adelaide was shopping buying suits for her boys (Someone has added in the margins here "Brumburg Store") preparing to come to Canada to be near my mother when she suddenly passed away of a heart attack. The excitement was probably too much for her.

footnote by Helen Gerster Dickey

--Origiannly written by Anna J. Marsh. Cousin Anna, the writer of this family history, died at Glendale, California a few years ago. She had a colorful life, married twice, and traveled extensively. She was very interested in her family history and gathered all of the foregoing by her own research.

Della Chamberlain, Harry's daughter was a well-known musician. She was married several times (and I do mean several), the last husband was a Dr. Dudderidge of Rochester. She used to write but suddenly everything stopped and altho I have tried, I cannot get any information about her. She was a most colorful personality.

Adelaide, my sister, started as a premiere dancer at the New York Casino at the age of nine. She started dancing on her toes when she went to dancing school at five. There was never a dancer, that is a professional, in the family so heaven only knows where she acquired that talent. Mama, much against the wishes of my father, took her to New York for ballet training with the best teachers. From nine until she was forty, she appeared as a star attraction in many New York productions and was a headliner in Vaudeville with her husband John J. Hughes under the stage name Adelaide and Hughes. When her husband died in 1927 she retired- as a ballet dancer's active life is a short one. She died at 78 but was very active in social ways up to about three years ago. She lived a full life and saw much of the world.

Amy, my younger sister was the beauty of the family. She married twice and died, still beautiful, at forty-nine.

For what reason, heaven only knows, I became a school teacher. When I finished high school, a cousin of mine who was a teacher, decided that I was "teacher-material", dragged me to Albany and entered me in a teacher training course. I have wound up a couple of degrees adn an adequate pension plus Social Security- so everything is O.K. with me. I shall probably at this late date do soem of the traveling I've always wanted to do. You'll probably get post cards from far places (I hope) during the course of time. Helen

The Merrit family who are our cousins also, deserve mention.

Ralph and Harry both are graduates of M.I.T. and are Civil Engineers. Ralph was a major in World War II. Their sons (Ralph married Violet Swenson, also of Worcester) are all graduates of M.I.T. and also served in World War II. They all have large families.

Harry married Jeanette Flynn and have no children. He is now a Watertown, NY. He recently had a heart attack but is better now and back on his job. Ralph has retired and is living at Lake Worth, Florida. Harry is retiring in November.

We are all Episcopalians on both sides of our respective houses. We correspond but cannot be called a closely knit family. Too bad as we are all nice people, if I do say so myself.

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